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Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Installation

Why do I need gutters?

Gutters are an essential part of your home’s roofing system, as they direct water away from your house. Gutters protect your siding, foundation, and the overall exterior of your home from erosion and water damage. In order to avoid structural damage to your home, gutters are necessary.

Are there different types of gutters available?

There are two different types of gutters – sectional and seamless. Both styles of gutters are available in various materials, sizes, and colors. Gutters also come in two different profiles – U-shape and K-shape. Our gutter installation experts can advise which style, size, and type would be best for your needs and budget.

How many downspouts are necessary?

Best practices indicate that a downspout should be located every 20 or 30 feet. However, that depends on the slope of your roof and your roofline, so more downspouts may be necessary. If you live in an area that sees heavy rainfall often, you may opt for more downspouts for optimal flow.

How much does gutter installation cost?

Cost of gutter installation is determined by multiple factors. Are you installing a brand new gutter system or replacing your existing one? Different materials can also effect the price, with aluminum being one of the most cost-effective materials. Our gutter installation professionals will give you a thorough estimate before your project starts so you know exactly what to expect.

How long do gutters last?

With proper maintenance, gutters can last for about 20 years before needing to be placed. Copper gutters can even last for approximately 50 years!

How do I get started on a screened-in porch?

If you have a foundation, give us a call and we can get an estimate put together for you!

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