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Fascia Installation and Replacement Services in Greenville, SC

You may be wondering what fascia even is. Without these support boards, you couldn’t have gutters installed because they wouldn’t have a structure in which to be installed. They also help protect your home from birds and other critters from getting into your attic space. We provide fascia installation and replacement services before installing gutters. In many cases, fascia is severely damaged by water from old and leaking gutters, and cannot support a new gutter system, in which case we will need to install new fascia boards to the exterior of the house. We will offer this inspection and quote the job for free.  

fascia needing repair

Benefits of Having Fascia on Your Home

Fascia is the first defense for your roof and interior home from weather damage. They also keep out unwanted guests such as birds who build nests or raccoons delivering their offspring. Rent-free guests are a nuisance for any homeowner because they can also cause potential damage to your attic space and roof. Our team is equipped and experienced to replace them quickly and to get them installed. Most modern homes will have them added in the initial construction, but older homes may have skipped this step in the build. Having Roofline Seamless Gutters install these facades will also help with resale value on your home.

We Also Provide Metal Wrapping for Your Fascia

While most fascia is constructed from wood, you can do yourself and your home one better by choosing metal wrapping instead. We suggest using metal wrapping because it offers better protection and requires far less maintenance. Most owners have already looked over these pieces of the house, so having metal wrapping installed gives them even more life before you need to concern yourself with maintenance. Roofline Seamless Gutters helps here too with replacement when necessary.

Protect Your Home and Office With Roofline Seamless Gutters Today!